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Customers benefit from the added convenience of working with a concentrated group of technical support specialty labs all in the same complex. All labs are independently owned and operated, providing the benefits of rigorous, unbiased analysis. In addition to our in-house labs, we work seamlessly with a select group of trusted associates who share our values of trust and integrity.

Providing multiple testing services in one complex often saves customers processing time and freight expenses. We share a common motor freight dock at the center of our facility.

Our associates provide the following specialties:

  • Metallurgical Specialty Chemical Laboratory
  • Organic Chemical Testing Laboratory
  • Packaging Testing Laboratory for Mechanical and Environmental Tests
  • Stress engineering, residual stress measurements, finite element analysis
  • Field instrumentation (vibration, stress, acoustic emission, field metallography)
  • Particle measurements
  • Heat Treat Furnace/Equipment Troubleshooting
  • International Inspection Facility Network, offering Worldwide Export Certification Capabilities
  • Structural Failures and Fire Cause of Origin
  • Environmental Exposure including temperature/humidity, ozone, UV and salt spray