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ASTON and our associates have extensive experience with foundry and die casting materials. We analyze die steels to assist with troubleshooting premature failures as well as monitor routine heat treating and quality issues.  H13 die steels are evaluated to NADCA specifications for chemistry, hardness, grain size, homogeneity and heat treat response.

Routine testing as well as failure investigations are performed on aluminum, zinc and magnesium die castings as well iron and other foundry materials. Chemical composition, gas and shrinkage porosity, cold flow, fill, sludge, inclusions, dendritic patterning, graphite flake/nodule morphology, carbide content, ferrite/pearlite may be analyzed in the castings.

We go beyond the routine to help our clients identify problems.  We used this special etchant to reveal intergranular carbides found in this inferior die steel.  Our client might otherwise have purchased the cheaper material and suffered the consequences of premature failure.