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ASTON Metallurgical Lab’s facility in Wheeling, IL features 10,000 square feet of modern office and laboratory space to serve your demanding testing needs. In addition to our in-house labs, we work seamlessly with a select group of trusted associates who share our values of trust and integrity. We continue to invest in new analysis technology and laboratory improvements. ASTON also offers customers one-stop service through the convenience of technical support specialty labs located in our office complex.

Convenient Location

We are just 20 miles northwest of downtown Chicago, a convenient drive to O’Hare Airport. Our location provides easy access by car from anywhere in the metro area and the Great Lakes region.

ASTON offers easy access by private and commercial air service from anywhere in the nation. We are in a modern, industrial/aviation complex, adjacent and just west of Palwaukee Airport. Business jet and small aircraft access is just minutes away for corporate clients.