Heat Treating Evaluations and Troubleshooting

/Heat Treating Evaluations and Troubleshooting
Heat Treating Evaluations and Troubleshooting 2017-11-21T10:25:18+00:00

ASTON is well versed in heat treating. We can assist you with routine troubleshooting such as errant hardness and case depths, atmosphere problems all the way through to quench cracking failures and reviewing your heat treat equipment. Our lab capabilities include world class metallurgical microscopes for microstructural identification such as decarburization, carburization, nitriding, martensite, retained austenite, bainite, ferrite, pearlite, intergranular oxidation, carbide precipitation, sensitization, grain size, eutectic melting, and oolite. Our digital image analysis system can measure the percent of individual phases.

Our Leica VMHT micro hardness tester allows for light loads down to 1 gram for extreme sensitivity and hardness measurements of thin samples or shallow depths.

Chemical analysis of the base material can circumvent problems resulting from mixed material or non-conforming raw material. Chemical testing of heat treated shim stock and test slugs can verify carburizing and nitriding processes.

If you perform your own heat treating, our associates can come out to your facility and assist you with purchasing new equipment or troubleshooting and upgrading your current equipment.