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We often provide services as a third-party independent and confidential testing resource. As an independent, A2LA-accredited testing laboratory, ASTON provides unbiased evaluations that may be trusted by all parties involved.

Our mission is to provide clients with metallurgical testing and consulting of high professional quality. We do this with uncompromising professional ethics and by practicing metallurgy and materials science as our chosen craft. Our independent ownership assures you that we have no conflict of interest with a parent company or commonly owned division.

Third-party analysis benefits you in several ways:

  • We can assist with supplemental testing that will provide a broader range of information.
  • We can provide independent assessments that will verify your own internal findings, or provide the confidence of a second opinion.
  • We can utilize tests to challenge existing claims or findings.

Our analysis includes a level of documentation that is appropriate for the situation. For example, a report to support a legal claim involving damages and injury is much more intensive than a routine quality control confirmation of raw material.